Dr. John Mack Anti Nuclear Protest

Dr. John Mack Anti Nuclear Protest

Dr. John Mack Anti Nuclear Protest

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Nuclear Tests: People Could Stop Them

By John E. Mack

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts

Earlier this month, my wife, three sons and I and 144 other Americans, were arrested for trespassing at the nuclear weapons test site in Mercury, Nevada. We had crossed a painted white line that marked the boundary of the site in order to protest the resumption of American testing.

We could not understand why the United States was determined to test again despite the Soviet moratorium that began in August l985. It seems plain enough that an end to testing would effectively stop the development of new warheads and significantly curb the arms race.

The 149 people who crossed the white line, and the hundreds of others who stood by in the l05 degree (40 C) heat, were making a statement in the hope that they might help others to find the courage to speak out.

Our protest was different from many previous ones, for it included many Americans who do not ordinarily participate in such actions. Among those arrested were physicians, professors, educators, lawyers, writers, celebrities and people from working class backgrounds who came to Nevada at considerable personal sacrifice.

More than a third of the demonstrators, including my son Ken, chose to spend days or weeks in jail rather than pay a fine. 0thers face jail later if found guilty at trial.

During his arraignment at Beatty, Nevada, Ken told Judge William Sullivan that he thought that when whole families began to take actions like this together “that’s when this thing is going to turn around.” Judge Sullivan, obviously moved, stopped the proceedings and spoke to the packed courtroom. In an unusual expression of personal feeling, he told them cautiously, “I just want you all to know you are making progress through your efforts.”

But can our actions and others like them really bring a change of policy ? The Soviet test ban has been in effect for 10 months. Yet it has renewed little attention in America. Instead, Americans read of the relentless vilification of the Soviet Union by U.S. government leaders. Americans blame the Russians for the nuclear threat but rarely stop to question their own actions.

On March 22, Washington resumed nuclear weapons testing, offering the now familiar justifications that Moscow had gained a technical advantage in its last round of tests and that failure to test would raise doubt about the credibility of the U.S. nuclear deterrent. On June 5 the Department of Energy exploded yet another nuclear device in the Nevada desert.

Worst of all, America is abandoning the second strategic arms limitation accord, opening the way for unlimited nuclear escalation, on the grounds that U.S. security needs can best be achieved unilaterally. It is as if the government denied the central fact of our age : the mutual vulnerability and interdependence of nations brought about by nuclear weapons. Few people still believe that words like “ahead” and “advantage have real meaning in the nuclear age. Yet Washington still seems to think that security can be achieved by the initiatives of a single nation.

Why do people keep silent ? Why do Americans permit themselves to be led blindly by policies that undermine the relationship with Moscow – even though poll after poll shows that the great majority of Americans wish a more positive, more secure relationship ?

The answer, I believe, has to do with fear and a sense of powerlessness. The task of reducing the nuclear threat can seem awesome. Many feel intimidated by governrment leaders who seem to know the answers and who play on distrust of the Soviet Union. Not to comply with the authority of a popular president, to speak up on a matter of national security, to take a stand and say no, stirs fears that one seldom likes to confront.

Americans now have an opportunity to reduce the nuclear threat. Congress is considering a bill to cut off further funds for testing if the Soviet Union continues its moratorium. Fear must not be allowed to prevent that important step. That is why we crossed the line in Nevada and why my son spent six days in jail. We took a stand to show others that it is possible to do so.

The writer is professor of psychiatry at the Harvard University Medical School. He contributed this comment to The New York Times.

Note: With all due respect to Dr. John Mack R.I.P.


Aananin Abenaki Alabama Aleut Algonquin Alutiiq Anasazi Apache Arapaho Arawak Arkansas Arowak Attikamekw Aymara Aztec Beaver Bellacoola Beothuk Blackfoot Cahuilla Canela Carib Carib Carrier Catawba Cherokee Cheyenne Chickasaw Chilcotin Chipewyan Choctaw Chumash Comanche Cree Dakota Delaware Dogrib Erie Essalen Fox Grosventre Haida Hare Havasupai Huron Illinois Inca Innu Inuit Iroquois Jivero Kainai Kasak Kickapoo Kiowa Kuna Kutchin Kwakwala Lacandon Lakota Lenape Lumbee Maidu Makah Maliseet Mandan Mapuche Mascouten Massachuset Mattabesic Mayan Menominee Metis Metoac Miami Micmac Mikmaq Moche Mohawk Mohegan Mohican Montagnais Munsee Nanticoke Narragansett Navajo Nezperce Nipmuc Nippising Nootkan Oglala Ojibwe Olmec Omaha Osage Ottawa Paiute Papago Passamaquoddy Pawnee Pekuni Pennacook Penobscot Pequot Pima Potawatomie Powhatan Pueblo Quechua Saanich Sac Saraguro Saramaka Sarcee Sauk Sekani Seminole Shawnee Shoshone Shoshoni Sioux Slavey Surinamese Susquehannock Tahltan Taino Teotihuacan Tionontati Tlahuica Tlingit Toltec Tsimshian Ute Wabanaki Wampanoag Wappinger Winnebago Wiyot Yagua Yanamano Yurok Zapotec Zuni,

NEVER mine uranium and/or develop nuclear weapons.

Indeed a majority of all nuclear weaponry and energy in North America exist because of actions by the syndicated Soviet Khazar elite, ruling over America from New York City, with help from its many Soviet transnational scientists such a Einstein, Teller and Oppenheimer.

Reference :

Scientists of Einstein

Also, Americans, in their true right traditional life, do NOT use or employ evil sorcery red magic nuclear technology and/or take dangerous drugs such as alcohol. Alcohol (often a Syndicate product) is a white poison and was NEVER part of America or American life.

The vast majority of all Americans do not consent to use of sacred true traditional lands as fascist Zionist military zones from which World Government / World Religion initimidates, guiltifies, terrifies, attacks, and attempts to dominate over, the Semitic Arab and Semitic Iranian People in their own sacred true traditional lands.


Avoid Human Corruption

Here’s a few tips on how to Avoid Corruption by the human Nuclear / human War Industry:

  • Be Aware : Avoid Alcohol
  • Rely on Natural Justice : Do not rely on Human Justice
  • Give Maximum Care : Avoid Apathy
  • Play Safe : Not Stupid
  • Be Considerate : Not Catastrophic
  • Give Respect Where Respect is Due : Not Undue

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Corruption in the Anti Nuclear Movement

This is a spiel about perceived corruption in the Anti Nuclear Movement.

We are recollecting, compiling and writing this in the year 2010, with at least 40 years minimum individual experience in the anti-nuclear movement, and in particular, in the special operations area of taking on the Big Boys at just the right times when it calls for extraordinary actions.

Some of this will be conjecture, but is based on high probability.

Some of this will be realistic.

These are the points and examples we can offer :

  • High Finance World City (New York City, London, Paris) based “antinuclear” organisations that are very close to the World Elite, who are fully for nuclear power and their own private nuclear arsenals, albeit held by their government operatives e.g. Pentagon.
  • National and international blackmail against officials in government and industry especially related to the nuclear resources industry (uranium mining).
  • Selective appointment of funding to ONLY those universities and academic elites who “toe the line” and “follow the line” in relation to expanding nuclear power.

In particular there is the issue of Red Listing and Black Listing : a policy of supposedly “antinuclear” organisations, often based in New York City but with tentacle arms spreading everywhere, to either Prescribe/Support (Red) or Proscribe/Oppose (Black) antinuclear groups and activists according to some regimen.

Example : perhaps You and Yours have formed a grass roots antinuclear organisation that is trying desperately to get more public attention and sympathy directed against the Nuclear Industry. 

Within a short time of trying to gain publicity, You and Yours face defamation from the supposed “antinuclear” elite organisations, who then appear to be tainted or riddled with Pro Nuclear “Divide and Conquer” human operatives who are well-versed at industrial/government techniques in subversion, ridicule, moderation, disempowerment and cancellation of their competitors, none the least of which IS YOU.  You have been Black listed.

Further example : perhaps You and Yours are a mildly antinuclear department in a major university who need plenty Industry and Government funding to survive as a department, so to “save” your tenure, You willingly bow and bleed to the tune of the Nuclear Industry.  Thus You are Red listed. Continue reading

Anti Nuclear Doctors : Friend or FoE ?

We welcome and appreciate the No Nuclear stance taken by any doctors opposed to Nuclear Disaster.

These doctors give qualified authority to help counter massive imposition of Nuclear Energy and Nuclear War upon Society.

However we do have some suspicions about the validity, credibility and trust given SOME Nuclear Doctors and their assistants, based on our experiences with them :

We find SOME prominent Nuclear Doctors have major blindspots to vital aspects, stances and issues in the Nuclear arena.

The basis for this ignorance could range from overload and overflow in their profession, to being deliberately shrewd and purposefully destructive towards the Anti-Nuclear movement.

Let us give a few examples:

A. Nuclear Establishment Doctors ?

We know medical doctors, and other doctors, come up through the ranks of pyramid society, to hold higher positions of public and private trust above society.

Doctors often arrive at these positions from areas of society where there is

  1. Plenty Money
  2. Plenty Prestige
  3. Plenty Adherence to the ruling Human value system.

Plainly, this is an ideal bedding and breeding ground for Establishment servile attitudes and loyalty.

We also know the fraternity of medical doctors in the USA, UK and elsewhere, contains many doctors who come from a certain all-too-human and dominant culture, that has extreme influence over economies, governments and other sectors of society in these nations.

This same peculiar ultra wealthy culture is prominent and dominant among Nuclear scientists such as Einstein, Oppenheimer and Teller !

Can “Anti-Nuclear” doctors really be Anti-Nuclear if they originate or pledge allegiance to the same upper echelon of society where so many top Pro-Nuclear scientists also descend from ?

B. Blind Spots or Dedicated Deliberate Ignorance ?

We once asked the well-qualified well-spoken Dr. Helen Caldicott, a leading medical authority in all things Nuclear, a question in 2006


We wondered if she knew any interpretation or translation of the name Chernobyl especially after TWENTY years of homework, talkback and feedback time.

Note : Since April 1986, we were bombarded by the name “Chernobyl, Chernobyl, Chernobyl, Chernobyl…” after one of the worst, and possibly the worst, civilian nuclear disaster to ever happen since the deadly dawn of the Nuclear era. However we were never given any adequate translation of Chernobyl by the News media.

Dr. Helen Caldicott, who writes well-cited books with hundreds of citations and well-referenced links, obviously did not do her homework related to the translation of Chernobyl.

She answered our question of “Do You know the translation of Chernobyl ?”

with “No”.

Note : The name Chernobyl if translated from Ukrainian Russian in language translation dictionaries, or discovered by conversation with people from the Ukraine and Russia, can simply mean Black and White since

  • “Chern” is drawn from “Chernyl” meaning Black
  • “O” is a conjunction like “AND”
  • “Byl” can mean White, such as the “Byl” of ByloRussia, meaning White-And-Russia or White Russia.

Also, in Russia and nearby affected areas a Black and White brainwash boobtube television is called a “chernobily”.

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster helped expose and fragment the fraud of Soviet socialism and World Communism and was perhaps a way to temporarily avoid a giant Black versus White World Race War, armed with overflows of Soviet Marxist terror weaponry such as AK47’s and RPG’s.

We also asked Dr. Caldicott, someone who would have access and plenty conversation about all subjects related to Space Warfare and its Nuclear Weapon Arsenals, if she knew anything of the “Strange Harvest” phenomena in which

  1. UFO’s (Unhuman Flying Object) descend near US military and other EuroSoviet military areas
  2. perform “high strangeness” advanced surgical operations on the bodies of animals
  3. with no control or capture by human high finance military

in response to human nuclear destruction of Planet Earth.

Did Dr. Caldicott know of the Strange Harvest phenomena ?

Again she answered NO !

Are some Nuclear Doctors, no matter how brilliant in public view, actually ignorant of some of the most important aspects and implications of phenomena related to Nuclear Disaster ?

In no way do we suggest Dr. Caldicott is a fraud or Pro-Nuclear doctor.

She could be in partial ignorance, or victim of brainwash, as are most of us in a World ruled by the News monopoly. Or even more likely, Helen is probably SO BUSY that she does not have time to discover and deal with non-standard topics.

Also, we wonder shy Dr. Helen was director of “The Nuclear Policy Institute” rather than the “The Passive Policy Institute” or “Clean Energy Policy Institute” in much the same way that any Pro-Peace doctor would NOT be part of “The War Policy Institute” but more likely be part of “The Peace Policy Institute”.

Reference: Nuclear Policy Institute renamed Beyond Nuclear.

C. Suppressive Tactics by Nuclear Doctors

Another doctor we know in the Anti-Nuclear spectrum, had a frequent flaw, or obvious lack of consideration for conducting conversations, when heading a group of Anti-Nuclear activists or would-be activists:

The doctor would repeatedly regularly speak very softly, almost at a whisper level, when conducting group meetings, in obvious neglect of the fact that people need an adequate volume or listening level to hear any conversation.

If this was a qualified medical doctor, would the doctor be ignorant of the need for adequate volume and clarity given spoken words to a group ?

And the things spoke of in such hushed tones had no secret or radical importance that would require words at a whisper level.

So was this a CoverUp Tactic or part of a purposeful plan to deliberately “depassionise” meaningful understandable significant conversation and interaction in a Green group that otherways could have been more effective if conducted clearly concisely and consciously with adequate auditory levels.

D. Slander Surgeons

Also, we have been attacked via guilt-making and intimidation by SOME Nuclear Doctors who are sticking up for their Establishment pyramid hierarchy.

They attack any who oppose the all-too-human ruling value system.

Some accuse us of being “Racist” or a “Racist Organisation”, especially when we point out the obvious danger of a Giant Race War, as a potential real consequence of continued Nuclear expansion and Nuclear weapon catastrophe.

Would these same Nuclear Doctors also accuse their relatives, as Invaders of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, of being “Racist” ?

And this in full view of the FACT that Invaders have probably developed and deployed hundreds of nuclear terrorist weapons in the vicinity of Palestine ?

We conclude that SOME Nuclear Doctors have

  1. Allegiance towards human upper elites
  2. Ignorance or intolerance for important issues
  3. Deliberate deceit deception and detraction
  4. Agendas of authoritarian attack and invasion

ALL related to Nuclear topics.

So we ask :

Are these Nuclear Doctors Friend or FoE ?

Anti Nuclear Self Defence

Throughout life some of us have been tormented by others.

We developed an easy universal way to defend ourselves and those who we respect and love.

Therefore we give this simple no cost effective method of self defence that repels offenders and makes them think twice before offending again.

It is a psychic defence technique with these simple steps:

  1. Grab a piece of paper and pen or pencil or other marking item
  2. Draw a dot in the centre of the paper
  3. Go somewhere isolated and lighted to concentrate
  4. Perhaps sit down for comfort
  5. Hold the paper before your face in a relaxed position
  6. Stare at the dot in the centre of the paper
  7. Focus your mind intently on the dot
  8. Think of those who are causing You, or ones You love, the problems
  9. Make your mind into a mirror, a shield of reflective protection
  10. Reflect the intimidation or attacks back at attackers with all the sympathy, mental force and effort You can
  11. Try to ignore any distractions that may arise
  12. Repeat the previous steps until the discomfort or pain You knew and felt has diminished or disappeared.
  13. Give thanks to Nature and Almighty God for helping to protect your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others from attack.

These steps when taken conscientiously, have amazing results :

  • You are defended from the offenders : perhaps something will happen to the deviates to deter them
  • You have verified an ability to use your mind and Soul to cause something worthwhile to happen
  • You have done something very effective yet nonviolent to counter an offence that could be violent.
  • As a further incentive : You have also generated a psychic propulsion system that can propel You AWAY from the offenders, hopefully to a better place or situation, where there is greater comfort and sanity.

Hint :
To magnify and amplify the power of this technique, give plenty Love and Sympathy to Any who are also victims of offenders.  In this way the defence technique becomes effective Selfless Defence where increased consideration, care and courtesy towards Others takes even greater effect in maneuvering and modifying the Space Time Continuum via Soul Power.
This can be used to counter offensive human nuclear deviates with extraordinary technology far above and beyond human control.

Nuclear Roulette : Most Deadly Game

The most deadly game is Nuclear Roulette.

Nuclear Roulette is the Deadliest Game On Earth

Deadliest Game On Earth

Nuclear Proliferation
Radioactive Roulette
A Safe Future for Our Children ?


This card brought to You by Friends of the Earth :
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Truth As A Power Source


Knowledge is Power

and realisation of Truth is at
the Upper Boundaries of Knowledge…

Then Truth is a powerful energy system.

Ban Nukes Before Nukes Ban You